Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Massachusetts - MA

Drug Counselor Salary in Massachusetts - MA

Once licensed, substance counselors in Massachusetts can find employment opportunities in a variety of facilities that offer rehabilitation and addiction counseling, such as outpatient care centers, local and state government agencies, residential patient care centers, academic institutions, and family service providers. Community hospitals and medical centers also offer great employment opportunities; therefore licensed professionals in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, and Lowell could secure entry-level positions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Worcester Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Marlborough Hospital as well.

The average substance abuse counselor salary in Massachusetts is $45,000, while substance abuse counselors throughout the United States are earning closer to $40,000 annually. Salaries for this occupation are generally dependent on factors like an employee’s level of education, work experience background, job position responsibilities, and professional certifications in the field. Substance abuse counselors aspiring for career advancement may become program directors or supervisory counselors. These positions may also offer higher salaries. Jobseekers will find more job availability in areas of high population density, but should not anticipate higher than average salaries in these same places. Because salary averages can significantly change between geographic locations, professionals with the ability to relocate will maximize their salary earning potential. Here are the salary averages for the five largest cities in Massachusetts:

Boston:  $44,000/yr
Worcester:  $36,000/yr
Springfield:  $39,000/yr
Lowell:  $43,000/yr
Cambridge:  $44,000/yr

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