Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Minnesota - MN

Drug Counselor Salary in Minnesota - MN

Upon officially becoming a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC), professionals will find a variety of employment opportunities throughout the state. Right now, the top industry employers for LADCs are educational providers, health services, and public administration. However, like most health care professionals, substance abuse counselors can also find great and plentiful employment opportunities in hospitals and medical centers operating in big cities. Therefore, jobseekers looking for position in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester may want to consider researching job availability at United Hospital, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, and St. Mary’s Hospital.

Even though job openings are more common in areas of high population density, professionals should not necessarily expect higher salaries in these same areas. The average substance abuse salary in Minnesota is $37,000/yr. Yet professionals that continue to amass diverse work experience, advanced academic degrees, earn specialized training, advance to supervisory or directorial roles, and gain additional certifications within the field can greatly enhance individual salary earning potentials. Geographic location can also greatly determine a substance abuse counselor salary in Minnesota, so those willing and able to relocate may benefit from higher salary expectations. Here are the average salaries for substance abuse counselors in some of Minnesota’s largest cities:

Minneapolis:  $33,000/yr
Saint Paul:  $33,000/yr
Duluth:  $31,000/yr
Rochester:  $38,000/yr
Bloomington:  $34,000/yr

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