Drug Counselor Salary in Mississippi - MS

The average substance abuse counselor salary in Mississippi is around $52,000 each year. Counselors that deal with mental health and chemical dependency are involved in rehabilitating members of society that have lost their way. The amount of emotional reward reaped from this profession by helping someone to get their life back is invaluable. Because substance abuse counselors in Mississippi have such a large contribution to those affected by substance abuse, they are rightly compensated.

A combination of professional experience and certification will undoubtedly affect your salary. The mental health career field definitely has financial potential, but you must first work through education, certification, and experience to get to the top-dollar figures. Considering that the BLS expects a 21% rise in the need for substance abuse counselors in Mississippi by 2018, newly graduated substance abuse counselors should find many employment opportunities.

Consider also that which type of facility you work in can impact your annual salary. The BLS reported that the lowest-paying jobs for substance abuse counselors in Mississippi were found in general mental health facilities; the larger dollars were earned in medical and surgical hospitals.

To give you an idea of how geographic location can influence salary, the list below details some of the salary figures for substance abuse counselors in Mississippi:

  • Jackson: $45,000
  • West Gulfport: $29,000
  • Biloxi: $33,000
  • Hattiesburg: $36,000

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