Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Missouri - MO

Drug Counselor Salary in Missouri - MO

On an average, the substance abuse counselor salary in Missouri is $42,000. Substance abuse counselors are dedicated to treating mental health conditions in patients affected by chemical dependency. These professionals help patients redeem themselves in their own eyes and in the eyes of their families. For this reason, substance abuse counselors in Missouri are well compensated for their efforts.

The number one factor affecting annual salary for substance abuse counselors in Missouri is experience. Because you are new to the field, you will not have much in the way of professional experience. However, you shouldn’t let this bother you. The onset of identification and research in the mental health field has successfully allowed more people to seek treatment in this area. Remember that the BLS projects a 21% overall increase for this profession between now and 2018. Together, this gives recently graduated professionals more opportunities than previously was thought possible.

One of the other factors affecting salary is facility type. While it may seem arbitrary, facility can and will affect your annual income. A report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that substance abuse counselors in Missouri were paid the most when working in general hospitals. Family service centers and mental health rehabilitation centers ranked among the lowest paying.

Because location also affects salary, below is detailed information regarding average salary figures for substance abuse counselors in Missouri according to city:

  • Kansas City: $31,000
  • St. Louis: $37,000
  • Springfield: $32,000
  • Independence: $31,000
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