Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Montana - MT

Drug Counselor Salary in Montana - MT

The median substance abuse counselor salary in Montana is $42,000, which is well above the 2008 national average of $37,030. This is a field that can provide individuals with both financial and emotional incentive. Because the nature of this profession is emotionally taxing, students looking to enter the field must be dedicated to the cause rather than the income.

In general, substance abuse counselor salaries in Montana are largely dependent upon professional experience, which tends to make those that are recently graduated feel a bit squeamish. The thing to remember is that your salary may be dependent upon experience, but your ability to secure a job will be based on your education and competency. Because the BLS expects an increased demand of 21% through 2018, there is probably no need for substance abuse counselors to fear their ability to find work.

It is worth mentioning, also, that the same BLS study also recognized the highest-paying facility types for substance abuse professionals in Montana. Outpatient health facilities fell right in the middle, with medical and surgical hospitals ranking highest for pay and substance abuse facilities ranking lowest.

Keep in mind that geographical location can often impact your annual salary. Below, you will find some of the larger cities in Montana defined by their average substance abuse counselor salary:

  • Billings: $33,000
  • Missoula: $29,000
  • Great Falls: $32,000
  • Butte: $30,000
  • Bozeman: $29,000
  • Helena: $29,000
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