Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in North Carolina - NC

Drug Counselor Salary in North Carolina - NC

Those who are properly educated and certified in substance abuse counseling have vast employment opportunities in North Carolina. Employment is available across the state in cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, High Point and Wilmington. Facilities employing Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSACs) include Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Forsyth Medical Center, Rutherford Hospital and Pitt County Memorial Hospital. School systems, hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practices and clinics, residential treatment facilities, day treatment facilities, and government institutions are just a few of the places employing CSACs in North Carolina.

The median annual salary across the United States for substance abuse counselors is $40,420, per a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average substance abuse counselor salary in North Carolina is slightly higher than that figure, at $41,230, again per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were 1280 substance abuse counselors employed in North Carolina in May 2009. Salaries may vary from one metropolitan area to another and this is evident when we begin to look at salary data taken from a few of North Carolina’s largest metropolitan areas:

Charlotte:  $36,000
Raleigh:  $39,000
Greensboro:  $33,000
Durham:  $39,000
Winston-Salem:  $32,000
Fayetteville:  $36,000
Cary:  $39,000
High Point:  $33,000
Wilmington:  $35,000

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