Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

Drug Counselor Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

Substance abuse counselors in Pennsylvania can find themselves earning an average annual salary of $38,000, which is just higher than the national average of $37,030. Chemical dependency is a severe medical/mental condition that requires treatment. Because substance abuse counselors are often responsible for helping patients to get their lives back on track, there is a significant amount of personal growth that can come along with a career in this profession.

Typically, experience is the most heavily-used factor for salary determination. As a new substance abuse counselor in Pennsylvania, you will undoubtedly be without much professional experience. However, the 21% increase projected by the BLS provides much room for you to make your entrance into the field. After a few years of working as a substance abuse counselor, you will be on your way to earning top dollar.

One thing you may want to consider, also, is facility type. Substance abuse counselors in Pennsylvania can earn different base salaries depending on what type of facility they work in. According to the BLS, substance abuse counselors in Pennsylvania working in mental health clinics earn less than those working in hospital settings.

You should also be aware that your salary may differ between cities. Below is the average substance abuse salary in Pennsylvania by city:

  • Philadelphia: $37,000
  • Pittsburgh: $33,000
  • Allentown: $32,000
  • Erie: $34,000
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