Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Rhode Island - RI

Drug Counselor Salary in Rhode Island - RI

The average substance abuse counselor salary in Rhode Island is $39,000 annually. It is the job of the drug counselor to help the patient find common ground in his/her life where the road to a normal life can begin yet again. Because substance abuse counselors are so actively involved with their patients, they are highly compensated for their impact on the community.

Once you are ready to begin seeking work, you will notice that potential employers will often base your salary figure on past experience. Because you are new to the field, you may be somewhat put out by this. However, you should remember that the BLS expects the substance abuse counseling field in Rhode Island to grow by at least 21% in the next few years. These additional job opportunities will help new graduates find that perfect first opportunity to gain clinical experience.

While it may seem odd, facility type can and will impact your overall salary figure. That same report released by the BLS found that substance abuse counselors in Rhode Island earned more money by working in general and surgical hospitals, whereas counselors in mental health institutions earned less. Not a deterrent here, just something to stick in your back pocket.

The list below provides information on the average salaries for substance abuse counselors in Rhode Island according to city:

  • Providence: $34,000
  • Warwick: $35,000
  • Cranston: $34,000
  • Pawtucket: $34,000
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