Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in South Dakota - SD

Drug Counselor Salary in South Dakota - SD

The average substance abuse counselor salary in South Dakota is $38,000 each year. Substance abuse counselors have a vested interest in treating chemical dependency issues in the public. It is their contributions to patient assessment and treatment that are responsible in part for correcting the misguided lives of patients suffering for chemical dependency. With this type of community contribution, it is no wonder that substance abuse counselors in South Dakota are compensated so well.

Professional experience is often the top factor affecting the salaries of substance abuse professionals in South Dakota. While this is common with any given profession, it often causes a bit of uneasiness for students in this field, fearing that their lack of experience may hold them back from securing work. The important thing to remember here is that the field of substance abuse in South Dakota is growing dramatically. The continued growth and excessive need for professionals like you should make jobs more readily available and easier to secure.

Another thing worth discussing is facility type. A BLS study done in 2008 found that substance abuse counselors in South Dakota earned the least amount of money by working in mental health facilities; outpatient centers and hospitals ranked higher in pay. You should choose a place of employment that makes you feel comfortable, but you should also realize how facility can impact your annual income.

Here you will find some of the most average salaries for substance abuse counselors in South Dakota per city:

  • Sioux Falls: $31,000
  • Rapid City: $30,000
  • Aberdeen: $31,000
  • Watertown: $32,000
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