Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Tennessee - TN

Drug Counselor Salary in Tennessee - TN

On average, substance abuse counselors in Tennessee earn around $41,000 a year, which is certainly a decent level of income for a profession that is so actively devoted to mitigating the negative affects of chemical addiction on the general public. Chemical dependency counselors in Tennessee have an integral role in setting right the chemical dependency addictions of patients. For this, they are recognized annually with a highly-competitive salary.

While clinical experience is often the most important factor in determining salary, it is often not the only factor. Most recently graduated substance abuse counselors in Tennessee fear that their lack of experience will prevent them from securing employment. However, education is an increasingly more important factor than experience when it comes to being hired initially. With the continued need for substance abuse counselors in Tennessee, you should find employment opportunities to be available and plentiful.

As you begin seeking work in the field, you should also consider facility type. A study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found substance abuse counselors in Tennessee to earn more money by working in hospital-type medical facilities. Interestingly, those working in mental health institutions earned the lowest amount of money annually. Although you should work in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and valuable, you should notice the difference in pay that facility type makes for chemical dependency counselors in Tennessee.

This list is designed to give you an idea about the average substance abuse counselor salary in Tennessee by city:

  • Memphis: $33,000
  • Nashville: $35,000
  • Knoxville: $37,000
  • Chattanooga: $33,000
  • Clarksville: $35,000
  • Murfreesboro: $35,000
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