Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Texas - TX

Drug Counselor Salary in Texas - TX

The average substance abuse counselor salary in Texas is $38,000. When considering what your annual salary might look like, it is important to remember the pertinent contribution that chemical dependency counselors make to the public. They are involved in combating some of the most intense chemical dependency issues affecting their patients, which provides them with financially rewarding careers.

In general, you can expect that experience will be the most heavily-weighted factor affecting your annual income. Recently graduated substance abuse counselors in Texas lack a high level of professional experience. But because there is a growing demand in Texas for the services of chemical dependency counselors, securing employment should not be an issue. Once you are given the opportunity to prove yourself and gain experience, you will see your salary increase year by year.

It is worth mentioning that facility type can also affect your salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a study concluding that substance abuse counselors in Texas were earning more by working for hospitals as referred to mental health and addiction institutions. This should not detur you from working in the facility of your choice, but you should be aware of how the difference between facilities can influence your annual income.

Listed below are the average substance abuse counselor salaries in Texas according to city:

  • Houston: $39,000
  • Dallas: $37,000
  • Austin: $35,000
  • Fort Worth: $33,000
  • El Paso: $33,000
  • Arlington: $37,000
  • Corpus Christi: $36,000
  • Plano: $37,000
  • Laredo: $35,000
  • Lubbock: $31,000
  • Amarillo: $34,000
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