Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Washington - WA

Drug Counselor Salary in Washington - WA

What salaries and job opportunities can someone expect employed as a substance abuse counselor or drug counselor in the State of Washington? The Washington State Employment Security Department, Labor Market and Economic Analysis Branch statistics show that substance abuse counselors possessing a bachelor’s degree are listed at number nine among Washington’s top 50 fastest growing occupations.

For a rough idea of salaries that one might expect, according to, an online employment website, the average annual salary for drug counselors in Washington is $47,000. In cities throughout Washington, Seattle -- $45,000 yearly, Tacoma -- $43,000 yearly,  Spokane-- $45,000 yearly and Bellevue --$45,000 yearly.  Some of Washington’s medical facilities that employ drug counselors are the University of Washington Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center.

According to the United States Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Spokane Washington has 410 individuals employed as drug counselors and is one of the top five metropolitan areas in the United States with the highest concentration of workers in this occupation with employment per thousand workers at 1.994.  The hourly mean wage is $15.67 and the annual mean wage is $32,600.

As for future growth in this profession, national projections developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor in conjunction with the State of Washington’s Employment Security Agency show that employment for substance abuse counselors during 2006 in Washington was 2,260 and is projected to increase to 2,820 by 2016, an increase of 560 job openings or a 25 percent increase.

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