Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Colorado - CO

Those pursuing substance abuse counselor training in Colorado must complete a course of study that has been approved for this purpose by the state’s Division of Behavioral Health.  Applicants for certification or licensure through Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies must hold a degree from an accredited institute of higher education.  To qualify as a Licensed Addiction Counselor, an applicant must hold a master’s degree or doctorate.  In addition, all candidates for certification or licensure must complete a series of training courses approved by the Division of Behavioral Health.  These trainings include courses in addiction counseling skills, client record management, ethical issues, cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling skills, and pharmacology. 

Furthermore, applicants must present verification that they have participated in a set number of hours of supervised work experience in a clinical setting, ranging from 1000 hours for a Certified Addiction Counselor I to 5000 hours for a Certified Addiction Counselor III.  In some cases, as master’s degree or higher in a relevant discipline can be used as credit against the supervised work experience requirement.  After fulfilling the educational and training requirements, candidates for certification and licensure must take the applicable jurisprudence examination offered by the Department of Regulatory Agencies.  The training program prescribed by the Division of Behavioral Health will give applicants the solid background required to take and pass the examination.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools