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Substance Abuse Counselor Training in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

In order to become an addictions counselor in Washington DC, an individual must go through a combination of in-clinic training under certified professional supervision, as well as specific coursework. The topics explored in these training programs range from ethical concerns to the practical aspects of counseling. There is a total of 200 hours of education and training required in the District of Columbia. Here is how these hours will break down:

  • 12 hours in pharmacology
  • Six hours in rules and regulation
  • 12 Hours in models of counseling service and treatment
  • 80 hours of counseling theory and dynamics
  • 12 hours in assessment and treatment planning
  • 24 hours in human development
  • 12 hours in ethics
  • Six hours in HIV/AIDs
  • Six hours in DSM IV Mental Health/Dual Diagnosis
  • Six hours in case management
  • 12 hours of electives

There are a number of accredited schools in the DC area and online that offer programs to satisfy these requirements. Applicants are expected to complete the coursework mentioned above through one of these accredited online or campus based institutions. This might be accomplished through a certificate program, an associate’s degree program, or even a bachelor’s degree program.

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