Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Hawaii - HI

If you plan to pursue substance abuse counselor training in Hawaii, keep in mind that your education is crucial to your future career success.  The bare minimum educational requirement to become a certified substance abuse counselor in Hawaii is a high school diploma or the equivalent.  However, the best jobs and the jobs that pay the most money will be out of your reach unless you pursue post-secondary education.  This could mean a certificate from a vocational program or an associate’s degree at a two-year college.  Your best option, though, is to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree.  If you are especially ambitious, you will eventually want to pursue studies at the graduate level. 

Whether you have only a high school diploma or you earn a college degree, you will have to successfully complete 270 hours of course work in subject areas relevant to the practice of substance abuse counseling.  These subject areas include counseling techniques and theories, group and family counseling, client assessment, pharmacology, the psychology of addiction, and professional ethics.   Your training must also include a supervised practicum involving at least 400 hours of clinical work.   Certification as a substance abuse counselor in Hawaii requires 6000 hours of work experience in substance abuse counseling.  This 6000-hour requirement can be reduced by earning an advanced degree. A bachelor’s degree can be substituted for 2000 hours of work experience; a master’s degree can be substituted for 4000 hours of work experience.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools