Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Illinois - IL

Substance abuse counselor training in Illinois provides the knowledge base as well as the practical training required to work effectively and competently as a chemical dependency professional.  To become a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor in Illinois, a candidate must complete 225 hours of educational training in subject areas that are specifically related to substance abuse and addiction treatment.  Of these 225 hours, fifteen hours must be devoted to addiction treatment services for women and/or their families, and another fifteen hours must be devoted to addiction treatment services for adolescents and/or their families.  Six hours must be devoted to coursework in professional ethics and responsibility.  In addition, at least 119 hours of coursework must cover the practical skills required to work competently and effectively as a substance abuse counselor, including intake and assessment, case management, counseling techniques and theories, group counseling, family counseling, and community education.  A training program for future Illinois substance abuse counselors should include a clinical component of at least 150 hours of supervised work involving direct contact with clients seeking help with addiction.

Substance abuse counselors in Illinois must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.  However, this is only the minimal educational requirement.  Those who are serious about a career in this challenging field should consider furthering their education by pursuing their required educational training at a two-year or four-year college.  Aspiring Illinois substance abuse counselors should take heed that the successful completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree program can be used to fulfill part of the work experience requirement for voluntary certification.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools