Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Indiana - IN

Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Indiana - IN

According to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, when it comes to training, the Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board will accept all degrees that prepare you for a career as a substance abuse counselor. The training and education you will need in order to qualify for the certificate will include two years of prior supervised work experience. You can get this in a variety of settings including hospitals, churches, and nonprofit organizations. The number of years of work experience correlates with the level of education you will need. The higher the degree, the fewer hours you need in field training. For instance, a master’s degree only requires one year of work experience.

The programs for training and education are often found at community colleges, universities, and several online schools tailored to this career. Substance abuse counselor training in Indiana involves coursework that will likely include:

  • Criminal justice
  • Group and individual counseling
  • How substance abuse affects health
  • Substance abuse and the family
  • Intervention techniques
  • Court procedures

While your initial training and education will prepare you to enter into the workforce, it doesn’t stop there. Your education will continue throughout your career. Continuing education courses and seminars in Indiana will keep you on top of all new methods and procedures evolving throughout the years.

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