Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Kansas - KS

Your education will be a combination of experiential training and theoretical study. The substance abuse counselor training in Kansas is designed to prepare you with the skills needed to be a professional counselor. Completing your education with a passing score gives you the confidence needed to take the board exam. Seeking a program that meets the Kansas Social and Rehabilitative Services' Addiction and Prevention Services (AAPS) certification requirement is the goal.

This objective is achieved by first choosing which school you will attend. There may be the opportunity to combine distance learning with traditional campus settings depending on your choice. Coursework and training will include clinical practicum, general education classes in English and math, and substance abuse counseling specific courses. The substance abuse courses are technically designed to help you become proficient in counseling skills, legal concerns, and ethical issues. The following courses are among the possible choices:

  • Introduction to Addictions
  • Pharmacology and HIV/Medical High Risk
  • Counseling the Alcoholic and Drug Abuser (2 courses)
  • Addiction Counseling With Special Populations
  • Group Dynamics and Addictions I
  • Client Management Procedures*
  • Addiction Counseling Field Practicum I*
  • Addiction Counseling Field Practicum II*
  • Special Problems in Psychology
  • Ethics

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools