Substance Abuse Counselor Training in Minnesota - MN

There are approximately twenty different institutes of higher education that provide substance abuse counselor training in Minnesota. Popular places to find these programs are community and technical colleges, graduate schools, state universities, and private and state colleges. Professionals working in the industry typically hold a bachelor degree in a human services field and a master degree in substance abuse or addiction counseling. Education programs can last anywhere between one and four years, and tend to incorporate clinical training as part of the required curriculum. 

Graduates of substance abuse counseling education programs in Minnesota can many times partially qualify for state certification while earning the following: Certificates in Addiction Counseling, Chemical Dependency, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Chemical Dependency Specialist, Chemical Health Assistant or a Graduate Certificate in Addiction Counseling. There is a Diploma in Addiction Counseling as well. Students looking for an associate’s degree can find an Associate of Applied Science in Human Services-Chemical Dependency Specialist and an Associate in Addiction Counseling options through two-year schools. Bachelor programs can lead to a Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Drug Studies. Finally, there is also a Master of Arts in Addiction Studies available.

Students can anticipate general coursework in these programs to focus on cultural awareness, case management, counseling, treatment planning, pharmacology, client/family/community education as it pertains to substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools