Substance Abuse Counselor Training in New Hampshire - NH

Training to become a substance abuse counselor is available both in brick and mortar institutions, such as colleges and universities, and through distance learning online. Substance abuse counselor training in New Hampshire requires a minimum of 270 hours in specialized drug and alcohol studies. A minimum of 24 of those hours must have been obtained within a year of applying for your state license to practice. Six hours must have been in ethics training, another six hours in HIV/AIDS training, and 55 hours in core competency functions of the position.

Under New Hampshire law, you can expect to be trained in the 12 central functions of an alcohol and drug counselor, which are: intake, screening, orientation, treatment planning, assessment, case management, counseling, client education, crisis intervention, reports, referral, consultation and record keeping. Additionally, one must also have a minimum of 300 hours of a clinical supervised practicum. Whether you take courses online or in an institution, you must still complete a clinical experiential portion of your training, which will be in a real-life facility such as an outpatient treatment center or hospital. These facilities may be found across the New England area and in New Hampshire cities such as Manchester, Nashua, East Concord, Concord and Derry Village.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools