Substance Abuse Counselor Training in New Mexico - NM

The state of New Mexico mandates professional training for its substance abuse counselors, or LADACs (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor). Substance abuse counselor training in New Mexico requires, at minimum, an associate degree in a counseling-related field or in a substance abuse-related field from an accredited institution (which may be found at colleges and universities within the state or online).  Of the coursework hours of training, 276 clock hours must be concentrated in the following areas: 90 hours in the field of alcohol abuse; 90 hours in the field of drug abuse; 90 hours in the field of counseling; and 6 hours that pertain specifically to alcohol and drug counseling ethics training.

In addition, New Mexico also requires its LADACs to have at least three years and 3000 supervised client contact hours of experience in the practice of alcohol and drug abuse counseling and 200 hours of face-to-face supervision. This sort of training is covered in a practicum or internship, which is a part of most, if not all, training programs for substance abuse counselors in New Mexico and across the country. This training is done in a real-life setting, such as a treatment facility or in some type of medical institution.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools