Surgical Tech Careers

What is the role of a surgical technologist in the operating room?

Surgical Technicians are fully engaged active participants in operating rooms of hospitals and clinics. These professionals wear many monikers including surgical technologist, operating room tech, and scrubs; as an informal but endearing term referencing the surgical gowns they wear. Surgical techs are a vital component to any surgical team. By working as in-direct assistants to surgeons and surgeons’ assistants they help see to it that surgical procedures run smoothly and safely.

Surgical techs are involved in surgical procedures from beginning to end. From operating room and patient prep prior to surgery, to transporting patients to the recovery room upon the completion of the procedure. Surgical technologist trainingis an academic pursuit very well suited to extraordinarily focused, responsive, proactive, and attentive individuals who can work cohesively and flexibly as part of a team. Individuals who pursue surgical technician careers can look forward to a fun and challenging workday, good pay, stable employment, and the satisfaction of being a key contributor to the surgical process.

How do surgical technologists prepare the operating room prior to surgery?

Prepping an operating room for surgery involves proper placement of the various pieces of equipment and instruments that will be

What is the surgical technologist’s role in preparing patients for surgery?

Patient prep work is also counted among the pre-surgery tasks performed by surgical technologists. Before surgery, patients are moved to the operating room and then transitioned from the gurney to the operating table, then finally properly positioned for surgery once on the operating table. Preparing patients for surgery will always involve disinfecting and cleaning the area to be operated on, as well as removing hair by shaving the area around the point of incision.

How to surgical technologists actively participate in surgical procedures?

In the course of surgery, the role of surgical technicians changes such that they become more actively involved in the procedure. They are responsible for monitoring the patient’s vital signs for certain fluctuations and key indicators that may require a quick response. Surgical techs also delicately pass instruments to the operating surgeon, and may even be called upon to hold a retractor. Surgical techs also commonly cut internal sutures, and as the final step to surgery, cut sutures that have been used to close an incision.

After the completion of a surgical procedure, the job of a surgical tech is still not done. They are responsible for moving patients from the operating room back to their recovery rooms, and then cleaning the OR and restocking it with supplies for the next procedure.

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