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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Tennessee – TN

Cardiac sonographer jobs in Tennessee have a bright outlook for a variety of reasons. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), sonography as a career will expand at a faster rate than average over the next several years. Due in part to the aging Baby Boomer population that will present more cardiac issues as they age, this growth is also attributed to the fact that, as a diagnostic tool, sonography is less invasive, less expensive, and less dependent on advances technology.  Thus, ultrasound technology will continue to be a first course of action in diagnosis in order to keep costs down yet still obtain accurate pictures of internal organs and diseases.

In addition, Tennessee has recently made significant changes to their health care system, especially with regards to elderly and disabled patients (Stateline, October 12, 2010). Making health care diagnosis and treatment more readily available to older residents will likely increase demand for practical tools such as sonography.

Most of the cardiac sonographer jobs are at hospitals, although growth in physicians’ offices and diagnostic centers is expected to increase. Cardiac sonographers are also called upon to assist cardiac physicians as they perform other procedures, which will increase their role in overall health care.

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