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Healthcare Administration Program In Tennessee - TN

Tennessee has both baccalaureate programs and advanced degree programs in healthcare administration for those interested in pursuing this rewarding career in the medical field. Many colleges and universities also offer online and distance learning education for courses in this area, as well as some evening and weekend courses. While a master’s degree is considered the preferred credential, a bachelor’s degree is often acceptable for entry level positions in smaller medical facilities.

A healthcare administrator is responsible for implementing policies and procedures that will accomplish the goals and objectives of the hospital or healthcare facility. Therefore the curriculum for healthcare administration will emphasize studies that prepare medical and health services managers to lead their organization and make the best decisions possible. A suggested Bachelor of Science education curriculum includes chemistry, biology, communication, psychology, higher mathematics, English, sociology, and physics, along with a number of courses specializing in health care. 

Courses relevant to health care administration and planning that are typically recommended include approaches to planning in health care; health economics; health facilities law, with an emphasis on health-related legislation and programs and their implications for providers and consumers of health care; health care management; health care finance; long-term care administration; principles of managed care organizations; cultural-social aspects of health care and epidemiology.

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