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Lactation Consultant Schools in Tennessee - TN

Training, schools and educational resources are plentiful in Tennessee for those interested in pursuing a career as a lactation consultant. Tennessee has a number of nursing and lactation consultation programs that are ranked in the top 20. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is ranked among the top medical centers in the country and faculty members are involved in grants and research involving human lactation and breastfeeding. In addition, there are numerous public and private two-year institutions, colleges and universities that offer healthcare training.  Online learning alternatives are offered through many of these institutions.

Many organizations that hire lactation consultants require that candidates achieve a current certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). The International Board of Lactation Examiners does not at this time mandate specific prerequisites for lactation education. However, in order to successfully pass the certifying examination, a candidate must have sufficient breadth of knowledge in the areas of ethics, medical terminology, infant and child growth and development, communication, nutrition, sociology, psychology, physiology and anatomy. In most cases, the requirements are satisfied as part of the course of study for a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Students should also be aware that a specified number of hours of on-the-job experience assisting new breastfeeding mothers and infants is also mandatory.

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