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Long Term Care Class in Tennessee - TN

Imagine having the welfare of senior citizens in your hands. Many specialized classes are required for those who plan to train to be long term care administrators in Tennessee. Long term care training in Tennessee will cover mandated topics and areas of instruction, and will also include internships. In an internship, you will get to use skills and knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom, in a real-life setting.

Classes you will take in long term care administrator training will deal with the supervisory side of the position, including human resources; the financial side of the position, including fiscal management; the regulatory side of the positions, including state and Federal regulations regarding insurance, Medicare and Medicaid; the resident care side of the position, including resident rights, emotional and physical care; and the day-to-day functions involved in operating a nursing home. Administrators who fail to learn the proper ways to run a nursing home may find their nursing home on the state or federal Department of Health watch-list. This list includes long term care facilities that are in violation of state or federal regulations and do not fulfill standards of care.

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