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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Tennessee - TN

Currently, the average medical transcription salary in Tennessee is about $31,040; an estimated hourly rate of $14.92. However, it is important to recognize that just a few years of hands-on experience can result in serious financial gains. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the highest paid medical transcriptionists in Tennessee brought home more than $39,670 during 2009; about 22% more than Tennessee’s state average.

One of the concerns previously circulating throughout the industry was the overseas outsourcing of medical transcription. Initially, this created a bit of anxiety among U.S. MTs, but it has since been realized that not only does this option jeopardize the privacy of personal health information, but also that the standards for minimum accuracy levels are less likely to be achieved by overseas medical transcriptionists.

While this was initially considered a cost-cutting measure, there was a secondary cost added because of needed review by stateside medical transcriptionists to ensure that there were no critical errors in the report. Essentially, this is why the majority of healthcare professionals have turned away from this option and remained firm on their desire to utilize U.S. medical transcriptionists.

Here are the average salary figures for MTs in Tennessee:

  • Memphis: $31,950
  • Nashville: $33,600
  • Knoxville: $28,590
  • Chattanooga: $32,180
  • Clarksville: $30,740
  • Murfreesboro: $33,600

Salary figures have been provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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