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Tennessee Medical Transcription Training Programs

Tennessee has multiple programs that offer training to become a Medical Transcriptionist. Tennessee offers both online and in-school training in this profession. Most of the educational programs allow graduates of a program to work in entry-level positions. With further education, an associate’s degree can be achieved. Although it’s not a federal requirement to become certified as a Medical Transcriptionist, many choose to pursue a certification to improve their career outlook. There are many certifications available to those that have successfully completed a training program.


Most training programs in Tennessee require a few prerequisite accomplishments prior to entering a program. The completion of a high school diploma or GED is required for most Medical Transcriptionist programs within the state. Many of these programs also require the ability to type at least 40 words per minute. Many Medial Transcriptionist programs require the successful completion of a word processing test and a computer Windows test upon entering a program.

Educational Training

Many programs for medical transcription training in take only nine months to complete. A 1-year program is needed to achieve certification, while a 2-year program will be needed to achieve an associate’s degree. Although entry-level training is the minimum requirement for a Medical Transcriptionist in Tennessee, an associate’s degree and further certifications will improve the success of a career.

No matter which educational course is taken, the curriculum included in all 3 training options remains the same. The general curriculum for any Medical Transcriptionist program includes anatomy, medical terminology, and legal issues relates to healthcare documentation. English composition and grammar course are required in all of the training programs in Tennessee in order to graduate. One and two-year training programs often include on-the-job training experience, while most nine-month programs don’t.

Registered Medical Transcriptionist

Although it isn’t a state requirement, a Medical Transcriptionist often seeks to achieve the Registered Medical Transcriptionist certification (RMT). To achieve this certification, the requirements set forth by the administering organization must be completed. This includes the completion of an accredited training program. Prior to taking this certification exam, at least two years of full time employment in the profession must be documented. Once the requirements and the successful completion of the certification exam have been achieve, the title of RMT will be awarded. Once awarded this certification, it must be renewed every three years to remain valid.

Certified Medical Transcriptionist

An exam can also be taken to become a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT). In order to take this exam, the completion of a training program and at least two years of working experience in the profession is required. Once the requirements have been met, the exam for certification can be taken. The exam covers the knowledge, skills, and performance capabilities needed in the profession. After the exam’s successfully passed a CMT certification’s awarded. This certification remains valid for 3 years before recertification is needed.

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