Midwife Salary in Tennessee - TN

Midwives' Salaries in Tennessee - TN

Tennessee Midwife Salary

The professional and personal satisfaction of knowing you’re helping women cope with the difficulties of pregnancy and deliver of a healthy baby are they’re own rewards.  In addition to this, working as a midwife in Tennessee is financially rewarding. Midwives’ salaries in Tennessee are excellent, with an average salary of about $97,000.

Salaries do vary by city, with average salaries of major cities listed below:

  • Memphis: $77,000
  • Nashville: $85,000
  • Knoxville: $91,000
  • Chattanooga: $80,000

Of course, salaries vary not only by city, but also vary depending on your educational level and background.  Other factors include whether you work in an urban or rural environment, and whether you provide at-home services to individual clients or work in a hospital like Nashville’s Baptist Hospital and Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, or Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Jackson. Regardless of where you work, however, the insufficient supply of midwives to meet the growing demand in Tennessee means that work opportunities and salaries are likely to remain high in coming years. Additionally, as recognition of midwifery as a profession has grown, more hospitals have sought to provide patients with the option of working with a midwife, and more insurance companies have covered midwives’ services. In short, the job outlook for midwives in Tennessee is good and getting better.

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