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MRI Technician Salaries in Tennessee

The average Tennessee MRI technician salary is about $51,000, which is exactly in line with the national average. In a survey of jobs per capita in the 50 most populous areas in the United States, Nashville, Tennessee, fell right at the halfway point on the list at number 25. Keep in mind that this is up five spots from last year, at 30, and it becomes evident that Tennessee is part of the upward trend in job offerings for MRI technicians.

Medical resonance imaging is not only here to stay, but is continually making leaps and bounds into new horizons in the scientific community. New research is allowing this technology to grow beyond simple diagnostic procedures and branch into fields like oncology, mammography, nuclear science, and even cardiac imaging. On the comfort front and to the relief of many claustrophobics, open-sided MRI machines are now in operation, though they may be harder to find than the traditional closed ones. And on the job creation front, Tennessee, just like the rest of the country, is currently experiencing the rise of the wave of Baby Boomers who are now retiring and requiring increased medical care. All in all, medicine – and specifically MRI – is a great place to be. The pay is good, the field is growing, and the patients keep on coming.

Here are some samples of average MRI technician salaries for a handful of Tennessee cities:

  • Memphis: $52,000
  • Nashville: $55,000
  • Knoxville: $59,000
  • Chattanooga: $53,000
  • Clarksville: $56,000
  • Murfreesboro: $55,000
  • Jackson: $50,000
  • Johnson City: $56,000
  • Franklin: $55,000

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