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Tennessee Healthcare Informatics Salary - TN

Geographic location is a determining factor when it comes to Tennessee nurse informatics salary earning potential. Nationwide, nurse informatics professionals are earning an average of $74,000 annually. However, a nurse informatics salary in Tennessee averages slightly higher, earning approximately $75,000 annually. These figures may continue to change; whereas, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that nurse informatics is predicted to continue experiencing a 20% employment growth rate in the field until 2018. Not only is this growth expected to manipulate salary averages, but will open up numerous job opportunities both nationally and locally.

Regions of denser populations require more nursing facilities to accommodate its residents, and therefore, more nurse informatics specialists are needed to administer care thereof. Although, more job availability does not necessarily ensure higher salary potentials in Tennessee. To illustrate the salary diversity across Tennessee for nurse informatics, here are the salary findings for some of the largest cities in Tennessee: 

Memphis:  $63,000/yr
Knoxville:  $72,000/yr
Chattanooga:  $63,000/yr
Clarksville:  $65,000/yr
Jacksonville:  $63,000/yr

*salary statistics are provided courtesy of indeed.com

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