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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Tennessee

In Tennessee pharmacy technician certification can be earned though a number of campus based schools and online programs. After an individual has passed the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, they can register to become a pharmacy technician in the state of Tennessee. In Tennessee, the pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio is 2 to 1.

    In order to become a pharmacy technician in the state of Tennessee, an individual must register with the Tennessee State Board of Pharmacy. This process includes filling out the registration application and paying the application fee of $40 and a regulatory fee of $10. The application is available online on the Board’s website.


     Registration as a pharmacy technician in Tennessee is valid for two years, and then must be renewed.

    Tennessee Department of Health
    Health Related Boards
    Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
    227 French Landing, Suite 300
    Nashville, TN 37243
    Phone: (615) 741-2718

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Requirements

    The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) sets a few essential guidelines that each individual must meet in order to sit for the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE).

    1) Individual must possess a high school diploma
    2) Individual must not be convicted of any felony charges
    3) Individual must not have any convictions that are drug or pharmacy related (includes misdemeanors)

    The PTCE application is available online. The fee for applying online is $40, and $50 for applying per paper application. The actual examination costs $120. The PTCE is given three times a year by the Board in March, July, and November. A passing score of the examination consists of a 650 or higher. In the event that an applicant fails to reach this score, the individual must reapply and pay the $120 again. If the individual successfully passes the PTCE, they will receive the credentials of a certified pharmacy technician, CPhT.

    Recertification for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board:

    A pharmacy technician certification by the PTCB is valid for two years, and then must be renewed. In order to be eligible for recertification, the individual needs to provide 20 hours of continuing education, the application for recertification, and a fee of $40 (online) or $65 (paper application). There is a $10 reprocessing fee for any returned applications and a $25 fee for incorrect payments. The application and fees can be sent to:

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
    Box 75430
    Baltimore, MD 21275

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