Physician Assistant Salary in Tennessee - TN

Physician Assistant Salary in Tennessee - TN

Tennessee Physician Assistant Salaries

Physician assistants in Tennessee are compensated very well.  The Physician Assistant salary in Tennessee in over $76,000 annually, according to a May 2008 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.  Their hourly pay ranges from $17.82 to over $50, with the average falling right around $37.  With experience, physician assistants can earn over $100,000 annually.  The BLS reports demonstrate this to be true, especially in Chattanooga, one of the highest paying metropolitan areas in the country for physician assistants.  In that area alone, the average annual salary of the 120 reported physician assistants practicing was $124,220. 

Below you will see a list of the largest cities in Tennessee, which are all part of large metropolitan areas.  These represent the average annual Physician Assistant salary in Tennessee for jobs currently advertised as available on  Keep in mind these salaries range from entry-level positions to physician assistant’s with years of experience. 

  • National - $90,000
  • Tennessee - $91,000
  • Memphis – $76,000
  • Nashville (25th largest city in the country) – $76,000
  • Knoxville – $87,000
  • Chattanooga – $75,000
  • Clarksville – $78,000
  • Murfreesboro – $76,000
  • Jackson – $76,000
  • Johnson City – $83,000
  • Franklin – $76,000
  • Bartlett - $76,000

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