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Sonography Salary in Tennessee - TN

Tennessee Ultrasound Technician/Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

Tennessee shows a encouraging employment trend for ultrasound technicians, and the long-term growth of this profession is predicted to be very strong.  According to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, there are 1,190 ultrasound technicians throughout the state.  There is projected to be a 2.1% annual increase in the number of ultrasound techs working in the state, which is faster than the 1.2% growth rate for all occupations in Tennessee.  The main employers of ultrasound technicians in this state are general medical and surgical hospitals, averaging 718 employed sonographers. Tennessee is rated 5th highest in the United States in terms of employed ultrasound techs and schools offering these programs are prepared to see steady growth in the number of enrolled trainees.  This equates to 0.048% of the state being employed as sonographers.  More specifically, the metropolitan area with the highest concentration is Jackson, Tennessee. 

The following list provides the average salary in major cities within Tennessee, as reported by indeed.com.

Tennessee City Ultrasound Salary
Chattanooga, TN $58,000
Cordova, TN $57,000
Nashville, TN $57,000
Franklin, TN $57,000
Clarksville, TN $59,000
Dayton, TN $62,000
Jefferson City, TN $67,000
Memphis, TN $57,000
Dyersburg, TN $65,000
Knoxville, TN $61,000
Henderson, TN $66,000
Madisonville, TN $66,000
Bristol, TN $65,000
Jackson, TN $56,000
Cleveland, TN $62,000
Harrogate, TN $65,000
Maryville, TN $66,000
Murfreesboro, TN $57,000
Milligan College, TN $63,000

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