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Cardiovascular Tech Salary in Texas - TX

Average Cardio Technologist Salaries in Texas

As knowledge of disease increases, the demand for specialization within multiple areas of cardiology requires increased education/certification. But at the same time, mobility and advancement opportunities are often experienced hand in hand with the changing nature of this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mean hourly pay for cardiovascular techs in metropolitan Texas is $33.99 with an annual mean salary of $70,690. This is much higher than national mean figures for Cardio Techs ($22.60 hourly and $47,010 annually).

Below is the average cardiovascular technologist salary in Texas by largest cities:

State of Texas:  $58,000
Dallas, Texas: $56,000
Fort Worth, Texas:  $49,000
Houston, Texas:  $59,000
Santa Fe, Texas:  $52,000
San Antonio, Texas:  $50,000
El Paso, Texas:  $51,000
Austin, Texas:  $53,000
Amarillo, Texas:  $57,000
Lubbock, Texas:  $48,000
Abilene, Texas: $53,000
Wichita Falls, Texas:  $52,000
Texarkana, Texas: $48,000.
Longview, Texas:  $55,000
Tyler, Texas:  $55,000
Midland, Texas:  $46,000
Odessa, Texas:  $46,000
San Angelo, Texas:  $52,000
Waco, Texas: $63,000.
Nacogdoches, Texas:  $52,000
Temple, Texas: $50,000.
Huntsville, Texas:  $51,000
Bryan, Texas:  $46,000
College Station, Texas:  $47,000
Fredericksburg, Texas:  $45,000
Beaumont, Texas: $54,000

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