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Gerontologist Education in the State of Texas

In Texas, there are several educational routes that one can take in order to get involved in gerontology.  Examples of careers in gerontology include primary gerontologist physician, social worker, long term care provider, or nurse.  Although some of these are disciplines that allow professionals to work with a variety of populations, they all allow specialization in geriatrics.

There are also educational programs that are specific to gerontology.  In general, these educational programs focus on the unique biology, sociology, and psychology associated with the aging process.  These educational programs begin at the certificate or associate degree level.  These programs can typically be found online or on campus based colleges and prepare students for entry-level employment.  These programs can also compliment previous training in one of the aforementioned areas.

Educational programs also exist at the bachelor’s level.  Found in Texas’ four year institutions, one may opt to major in gerontology or minor in it with a specialization in geriatrics in order to compliment a different major.  Typically graduates, after having completed some type of field experience, are prepared for entry or mid-level jobs in local or state organizations that specialize in offering services to older persons.

If a student in Texas is interested in seeking an education at the master’s or doctoral level in the area of gerontology or, he or she will typically be prepared for administration, planning, research, teaching, and/or advanced practice in his/her field.  Some examples of this may include a nursing home administrator, or an upper level manager in a state agency.

Through online and campus based programs in Texas, aspiring gerontology professionals in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Arlington, Amarillo, Plano, Laredo and Lubbock can get ready for careers in hospitals and healthcare facilities like the Memorial Hermann Hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital and Baylor Medical Centers.

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