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Healthcare Administration Program In Texas - TX

There are many options in Texas to obtain an education to prepare for a career in healthcare administration, and a healthcare management degree in Texas is available through numerous institutions.  There are 24 CAHIIM accredited associate degree programs, 2 CAHIIM accredited bachelor degree programs, and 7 CAHME accredited Master degree programs. 

The 24 associate programs in Texas vary in coursework but usually will include classes relating to anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical coding, and computer technology among others.  The 2 bachelor programs have students take classes in biology, pathology, pharmacology, statistics along with and not limited to classes related to healthcare management, coding terminology, and computerized medical records.  One of these programs offers in service training as a credit course.

The Master programs in Texas give students coursework on healthcare organization and operations management, health policies, and financial aspects of healthcare marketing and planning.  Some programs will have students complete thesis projects and others offer residency and/or internships along with the coursework.  The MS programs offer more classes towards healthcare, while MBA programs will stay more towards general business.  So the master’s programs that are for healthcare administration will give students better knowledge and skill in the field.

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