Lactation Consultant Salaries in Texas - TX

Lactation consults tend to be well-paid professionals both nationally and in Texas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the mean wage for health care occupations in Texas is $67,890. Lactation consultants in Texas are being paid as much as, if not even more than their professional peers.

The following is a listing for the average lactation consultant salary in Texas by major cities (population of 100,000 and more).

Abilene: $68,000
Amarillo: $73,000
Arlington: $72,000
Austin: $69,000
Beaumont: $70,000
Brownsville: $70,000
Carrollton: $72,000
Corpus Christi: $67,000
Dallas: $72,000
El Paso: $66,000
Fort Worth: $63,000
Garland: $74,000
Grand Prairie: $72,000
Houston: $76,000
Irving: $72,000
Laredo: $76,000
Lubbock: $62,000
McAllen: $70,000
Mesquite: $74,000
Pasadena: $76,000
Plano: $73,000
San Antonio: $65,000
Waco: $81,000
Wichita Falls: $67,000


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