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Education Requirements for Licensed Practical Nurses in Texas

The Texas Board of Nursing has issued approval to ninety-six (96) educational programs offered online and through Texas LVN schools in the state.  Prior to admission to one of these programs, a student is required to have completed high school or a GED equivalent.  The available programs are offered through junior/community colleges, in affiliation with four-year universities and colleges, via technical and vocational academies, and through hospital based programs. 

A sampling of the courses included in these curriculums is microbiology, pharmacology, as well as human growth and development.  The curriculums are all heavily weighted in the behavioral, social, physical, biological, and nursing sciences, as expected.  Licensed vocational nursing students in Texas are required to complete a total of 1398 hours during their education.  Of these cumulative hours, 840 are reserved for clinical instruction and 558 for classroom instruction.  During the clinical portion of the programs, they are exposed to a variety of specialties in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the options available upon completion of the program. 

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