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Medical Technologist Salaries in Texas

Medical Technologist Salary in Texas

According to Indeed.com, the average Texas medical technologist salary is approximately $64,000.  Indeed.com also reports salaries for medical technologists for the following cities in Texas:

Dallas:  $62,000
Houston:  $65,00
San Antonio:  $55,000
Austin:  $58,000
El Paso:  $55,000
McAllen:  $59,000
Corpus Christi:  $58,000
Brownsville:  $59,000
Beaumont:  $59,000
Killeen:  $55,000

Generally, the salaries range between the $50,000s and $60,000s in Texas metropolitan areas.  Salary.com describes the bulk of people in the medical technology field in Dallas, TX as having salaries between $52,425 and $62,522.  This is in line with the data that Indeed.com reported.  The American Society for Clinical Pathology says that that their Wage and Vacancy Survey reports that in 2005 the salary for a medical technologist in a management position ranged from $45,700 for staff to $66,500 in the United States. The $45,700 figure is much lower than the figures for Texas but their survey was for the United States as a whole, most likely.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the field of medical technology is growing quickly.  In 2006 the mid-range salary was approximately $49,700.  The salary grew to $57,360 if a medical technologist worked for the federal government.  The lowest-paying sector was for those working in a college setting and they earned approximately $45,080.  Earning between the high and low amounts were those working in medical laboratories, hospitals, and medical offices of physicians.  All of these figures are most likely higher by now since this information is from 2006 and the field is growing.  Note that someone with the title of medical or clinical laboratory “technician�? is much different than a “technologist�? and a technologist makes significantly more than a technician.  The two terms cannot be confused.

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