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Midwives' Salaries in Texas - TX

Texas Midwife Salary

Although most midwives choose their occupation based on their passion for women and children’s health and interest in helping others, you’ll be happy to know that a career in midwifery is financially rewarding as well as emotionally. Midwives’ salaries in Texas are very good—the average salary is approximately $93,000. Although salaries often vary from one city to the next—for example, midwives in Houston make approximately $95,000, while midwives in San Antonio make an average of $80,000 and midwives in Dallas make an average of $91,000—midwifery is by and large a well-paid occupation.

As in all jobs, midwives’ salaries also depend on qualifications, professional experience, and education level, so it’s a good idea to seek out as many educational and clinical experiences as possible before starting your career in earnest.  Salaries also tend to vary based on where you practice: some midwives work with private clients and are paid according to individual arrangements, while others are employed by hospitals that offer a salary and benefits. The option that’s best for you will vary based on your personal needs: individual clients offer more flexibility, while institutions like Baylor Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital offer greater stability. Whatever your choice, however, you’re sure to find a wealth of opportunities await in your new career.

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