Texas Pharmacy Technician Salaries – TX

Texas Pharmacy Technician Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pharmacy Technicians can expect to start out earning wages around $25,000- $35,000. After gaining some seniority (5-10 years later) pharmacy technicians in Texas will make around $39,000.00 annually, with the potential of making more, depending on your location, and certification.

Average Texas Pharmacy Technician Salary by major city

1.    Amarillo, TX  $33,000
2.    Arlington, TX  $42,000
3.    Austin, TX  $40,000
4.    Corpus Christi, TX  $35,000
5.    Dallas, TX  $44,000
6.    El Paso, TX  $37,000
7.    Fort Worth, TX  $34,000
8.    Gainesville, TX  $31,000
9.    Houston, TX  $45,000
10.  San Antonio, TX  $28,000


National Organizations for Pharmacy Technicians in Texas

NPTA – National Pharmacy Technician Association
NPTA http://www.pharmacytechnician.org/ is one of the largest professional organizations for Pharmacy Technicians available.  Memberships are offered to students, Pharmacy Technicians, and their educating bodies. Members can take most of their courses online, using member forums, discussion groups, and other member only resources.  There are CE programs through NPTA as well.  You can also keep up on all current events in the Pharmacy Tech industry with their monthly event calendar and website.   

Phone: 888-247-8700
Fax: 888-247-8706
P.O. BOX 683148
Houston, TX 77268

AAPT-American Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Mission Statement:  AAPT is a guide for its members, giving them a reputable source to learn safe, and more cost efficient ways to perform their profession.  AAPT also focuses on continued education (CE), by maintaining all of the current certification requirements to meet new industry standards that are constantly being updated.

AAPT http://pharmacytechnician.com/index.html offers education on a variety of Pharmacy Tech positions, with different levels of training and education.  This organization also puts emphasis on helping you fill a specific position in an ever-changing Pharmacy Tech industry that is growing and embracing new technologies.  These advantages will help Pharmacy Technicians become well rounded, and able to adapt to future changes that will occur in health care, and the Pharmacy Tech industry.    

Phone: 336-333-9356
Toll Free: 877-368-4771
P.O. BOX 1447
Greensboro, NC 27402 

Texas State Board of Pharmacy
William P. Hobby Building
Tower 3, Suite 600
333 Guadalupe Street
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 305-8000
Licensing: (512) 305-8075

Pharmacy Technician Schools