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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Texas - TX

Once students have completed the necessary Texas radiology tech training, the next thing to do is contact the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to initiate the process of submitting an application for the national certification examination. This exam will be necessary when you go to apply for Texas state certification. The exam application can be downloaded at; there is an application fee of $150 that must be submitted along with your application in order for it to be complete. Supporting documentation must also be included, such as education and clinical experience that was completed.

Certification in Texas for radiology technologists is overseen by the Texas Department of State Health Services. You are unable to perform any procedures until the certification is approved by this Department. The complete application packet is available online at Proof of ARRT exam completion is required to be reported within this application. The application and first time certification fee is $75. Once the certification has been approved by the Department and received by the applicant, then the job seeking process may begin.

Step by Step on How to Become a Radiology Tech in Texas:

  1. Make a decision regarding the two types of educational programs offered in Texas for radiology technologists (associate degree or certificate program)
  2. Apply for admission to the program you choose to attend
  3. Once you have completed the program (educational/classroom portion and clinical portion), apply to the ARRT for an appointment to sit for the national certification exam
  4. Sit for and achieve a passing score on the national exam
  5. Contact the Texas Department of State Health Services and initiate the application process for state radiology technologist certification
  6. Await verification that your certification application has been accepted and approved
  7. Receive your certification and begun the job hunting process
  8. Understand and comply with the guidelines for continuing education

Texas Radiology Tech Continuing Education

Radiology technologists in Texas are required to complete 24 continuing education units in the two-year renewal period. This requirement also mandates that at least three of these hours are achieved through an instructor guided activity, meaning no home study courses or journal reviews. Those who are certified through the ASRT or the ARRT (through examination) can use the continuing education units for those associations towards state continuing education units, as long as they meet the expected criteria as set forth by the Department of State Health Services. Detailed guidelines are further explained on the Department of State Health Services website at

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