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Respiratory Therapy Pay in Texas – TX

Salary for Respiratory Therapists in Texas

The national mean hourly rate for a Respiratory Therapist occupation is $25.55, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This is a yearly average Texas respiratory therapist salary of $53,150. 

Texas is near the national average or just below with an annual salary of $53,000, as noted by indeed.com.  Respiratory Therapists in Texas are more common in Odessa, Victoria, and Texarkana where the population warrants the need for this occupation. 

In addition, McAllen, Dallas, and Brownsville are the metro areas with the highest median salaries for Respiratory Therapists.  The following list represents 2008 Texas respiratory therapist salaries by metro areas:

Odessa, Texas:   $44,010
Victoria, Texas:  $47,900
Texarkana, Texas:  $46,520
San Angelo, Texas:  $47,110
Tyler, Texas:  $46,330
Lubbock, Texas:  $45,730
Brownsville, Texas:  $51,680
Sherman, Texas:  $44,350
Beaumont, Texas:  $47,910
Corpus Christi, TX:  $49,890
San Antonio, Texas:  $47,100
McAllen, Texas:  $59,010
Austin, Texas: $51,100
El Paso, Texas:   $46,770
Houston, Texas:  $51,100
College Station, TX:  $49,780
Fort Worth, Texas:  $50,370
Dallas, Texas: $51,780


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