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Texas Surgical Technologist Salary - TX

Salaries for Surgical Tech’s in Texas

According to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics publication, Texas is listed as 23rd in the nation with an annual mean wage of $38,850 and an hourly average wage of $18.68.  However, coupled with the fact Texas is 3rd overall in terms of lowest cost of living, employment in Texas as a Surgical Technologist garners above average compensation compared to many other states.

Listed below is the average surgical tech salary in Texas by major cities:

  • Amarillo:  $ 39,000
  • Austin:  $ 36,000
  • College Station:  $ 32,000
  • Corpus Christi:  $ 36,000
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth:  $ 38,000
  • El Paso:  $ 35,000
  • Galveston:  $ 34,000
  • Houston:  $ 40,000
  • San Antonio:  $ 34,000

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for Surgical Technologists is expected to grow more than average nationally and even more so in Texas.  As of May 2008, there were approximately 7,300 employed as Surgical Technologists in Texas.  The BLS expects that figure to skyrocket close to 10,500 by 2016, so now is a favorable juncture to get into one of the fastest growing medical professions in Texas.

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