Find the Top Healthcare Jobs & Growing Healthcare Careers

Find the Top Healthcare Jobs & Growing Healthcare Careers

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You may have heard that careers in health care are growing, but do you know exactly which careers? And do you know how much they are growing? That information can be important when you are trying to decide on your next steps after earning a college degree. Where do you get the facts you need?'s one-stop resource, the Top Health Care Jobs tool, shows you research-based information to help you take a closer look at the nation's health care industry. You can learn which careers your degree may qualify you for and see career growth trends that may point you toward a specific health care field.

Fastest-Growing Health Care Careers: How Gathers the Data

A wealth of career and salary information, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Information Network, has been turned into a one-stop resource. With the Top Health Care Jobs tool, you can see which careers the BLS has projected to have the highest rate of nationwide growth from 2012 through 2022, as well as their median salaries at the national and state levels. Puts Growing Careers at Your Fingertips

Reviewing the industry-specific elements in the Top Health Care Jobs tool can help you understand the nation's current and projected top health care jobs so you can build your own career guide. The tool also enables you to take a closer look at particular career profiles that interest you, including the job descriptions, the necessary education or training needed for entry-level employment, the estimated salary trends and the states with the highest projected median salaries.

Best Health Care Jobs for the Future: How to Explore these Top Health Care Careers

The Top Health Care Jobs tool allows you to interact with the data in several ways:

Interactive graphs: Search through occupations by projected employment growth, median salary estimates, states with the highest salary, and educational attainment -- much of the information you may need to make an informed career decision.

Search opportunities by industry: Filter occupations by industry for details on projected growth rate and income. These filters even let you sort at the state level. Not enough? You can find out the typical required education for entry-level jobs by past and current industry insiders (

Comparison of related careers: Compare careers within a certain field or between different health-related occupations. For example, you can look at the projected job growth percentage of EMTs versus surgical technologists. This comparison tool also shows you what level of education you may need to advance from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner.

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