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Utah Gerontologist Salaries - UT

According to a fact sheet provided by the Retirement Project on population aging, “Jobs in the future may be less physically demanding and more cognitively demanding and require more interpersonal skills.�? This fact is good news to the aging population wishing to remain in the workforce for years beyond typical retirement. As the body slows due to aging, the mind often stays sharp. Working in jobs that require little physical work may be an attractive alternative to retirement.

Older adults remaining in the workforce is also good news for graduates looking to work in support careers for this sector of the population. A job in gerontology offers more opportunities than overseeing nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it also encompasses work that keeps the aging population healthy, active, and vital, something senior members desire.

These jobs in gerontology specialize in work with aging adults such as exercise classes, water aerobics, occupational therapy, theater work, travel expeditions, education, and finance and investment specific to older adults. Many jobs are designed to enhance functionality and enjoyment for years beyond retirement keeping the older adult active and able to continue working if they choose. Depending on the type of degree and job you seek, the entry-level gerontologist salary in Utah will start at about $30,000 a year, and go up to $150,000.

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