Salary for Medical Assistant in Utah - UT

A research study was conducted in May 2009 to determine the average annual salaries of medical assistants in Utah. This study found that the average annual medical assistant’s salary in Utah was $26,940, while the hourly pay averaged about $12.95. With a total population of 2,770,700, there were only about 5,430 medical assistants employed in Utah during 2009. Because medical assistants are now taking a more active role in patient healthcare, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment opportunities for this profession to grow by a minimum of 34% over the next 8 years.

One of the trends causing this growth in the medical assisting field is the increased incidence of cancer in Utah. In 2006, approximately 10,966 residents of Utah were diagnosed with invasive cancer; while nearly 3,545 residents died from their bout with cancer. Medical assistants actively participate in follow-up care, treatment monitoring, and routine maintenance of cancer patients. Cancer statistics like these are just one of the reasons that medical assistants in Utah can expect to see a greater demand for their services.

Average annual medical assistant salaries in Utah:

  • Salt Lake City:  $28,350
  • West Valley:  $24,000
  • Provo:  $25,530
  • West Jordan:  $24,000
  • Green River:  $22,000
  • Moab:  $25,000
  • St. George:  $26,890
  • Ogden:  $24,720

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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