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Utah Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Utah Medical Technician Training

Those who live in Utah and who enjoy working with laboratory equipment and dealing in facts based on testing may find themselves exploring the field of medical technology as a career choice. Utah is a good place to do this as the need for Medical Technicians continues to grow. Those who are certified as Medical Technicians can expect to make and average salary of $33,000. To reach this salary level, those who wish to pursue a degree in this field should expect to meet specific qualifications. The good news is that Utah happens to be one of the states that do not require state licensing. This makes the career path of the Medical Technician an even more attractive path to follow.

Utah requires no more for their educational standards than is required on the national level. These standards include earning an associate level degree through either an online or campus based Utah medical technician training program before being allowed to sit for the national certification exam. Candidates should expect to experience a multitude of science courses such as chemistry and biology. Students can best prepare for these college level courses by taking similar courses in high school.

The associate degree program must include a practicum or clinical rotation. The program must be done through and accredited college or university or other type of school of higher learning. It is likely that along with courses in science, the student should expect to spend a large portion of their time studying mathematics, medical terminology and the legalities of working in the medical field, such as confidentiality issues and the process of documentation. Letters of recommendation upon graduation may assist the student in obtaining employment in Utah as a Medical Technician.

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