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Medical Technologist Salaries in Utah

Medical laboratory science and medical technologists represent a growing field in Utah and jobs can be found in industry, higher education, public health, clinical analysis, health care analysis, administration and research, in addition to the traditional healthcare institutions. Overall salaries in Utah for a medical technologist averages $48,000 annually. Across the state, average salaries range from $46,000 in Salt Lake City, $45,000 in West Valley, $36,000 in Provo and $48,000 in West Jordon.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational employment statistics, the majority of jobs are to be found around the Salt Lake City area, with fewer jobs around Provo-Orem and Ogden-Clearfield areas.

Medical technologists work in the laboratory side of the world of medicine in doctor’s offices, research labs, public health centers, and hospitals and medical centers, such as the Intermountain Medical Center, Saint Mark's Hospital, University of Utah Health Care and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Keep in mind that medical technologists in smaller laboratories may be called upon to perform many different types of testing, while those who are employed in larger laboratory facilities generally specialize. For example, Immunology technologists identify and test elements of the human immune system for response to foreign bodies. And, those with specialized credentials may command higher salaries.

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